INSH Meeting, “Progress and the way forward”, November 2019, Bangkok, Thailand.

On November 6th 2019, members of INSH gave a conference aimed to update in the progress of INSH collaborations. The conferences were given by members of the Thai team, Dr. Ornchuma Itsathitphaisarn and Dr. Kallaya Sritunyalucksana aswell as UK team, Dr. David Bass, Dr. Diana Minardi and Dr. Wendy Higgins.

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Shrimp Pathology workshop, Bangkok July 2018

The Shrimp Biology and Pathology of Penaeid shrimp course its an 11 day trainng workshop that includes conferences with the current updates on shrimp disease as well as laboratory training on the most relevant aspects of disease detection. This workshop is offered once a year at Centex Shrimp in Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand.

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EHP detection workshop, NSTDA science park, February 2019

Among the emergent shrimp diseases, hepatopancreatic microsporidiosis (HPM) caused by the microsporidian Enterocytozoon hepatopenaei (EHP) is one of the most relevant. In this workshop aimed to laboratory and shrimp farm technicians, we shared our knowledge on this disease and provided the ideal tools for identification and detection that have been developed.

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Participation in AquaExpo, Guayaquil, Ecuador. October 2019

Aqua Expo, one of the biggest aquaculture meetings in latin america was celebrated in Guayaquil, Ecuador on October 2019. Dr. Diva J. Aldama Cano, member of INSH and AQHT laboratory was invited as part of the shrimp disease sessions. She gave two conferences regarding viral diseases and emergent diseases in Thai aquaculture, an update on the current laboratory techniques to diagnose these diseases. The talks were given in spanish.

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Newton fund INSH

This Newton Fund project built on a previous Researcher Links workshop to establish a UK-Thai network in shrimp health focused on knowledge exchange and capacity building, and challenging disease control in aquaculture. New paradigms were co-designed with the driving principle being the need for joint responsibility in securing the global aquatic food chain between producer nations such as Thailand, and consumer nations.